ZXID SP Federated SSO (user NOT logged in, no session)

Login Using New IdP

A new IdP is one whose metadata we do not have yet. We need to know the Entity ID in oredr to fetch the metadata using the well known location method. You will need to ask the adminstrator of the IdP to tell you what the EntityID is.

IdP EntityID URL

Login Using Known IdP

CoT configuration parameters your IdP may need to know

Entity ID of this SP: http://cgi-service-provider.saml2.com:80/cgi-bin/zxid?o=B (Click on the link to fetch SP metadata.)

Technical options (typically hidden fields on production site)

Allow new federation to be created
Do not allow IdP to interact (e.g. ask password) (IsPassive flag)
IdP should reauthenticate user (ForceAuthn flag)
NID Format:
Authn Req Context:
Matching Rule:

zxid.org, 0.7 libzxid (zxid.org)